USBA Tournament Series 2017-18 season in review

USBA Tournament Series 2017-18 Season in Review

  • Had 39 tournament stops, plus the College Combine, in the 2017-18 season with 5 regions.
  • Expanded the northern region by going to Fargo, Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, and Grand Forks.
  • Started the new Iowa/Illinois region, teaming up promoting local colleges, with 6 stops including Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Waverly, West Union, Mason City, and Rockford IL.
  • Increased the Southeast MN and Wisconsin locations with new stops in Eau Claire, River Falls, and Sun Prairie Wisconsin.
  • Added stops in Minnesota like Blaine, Rochester, St. Peter, St Paul, Duluth to name a few.
  • The USBA Tournament Series had bowlers from MN, IA, WI, ND, SD, NE, IL, and Canada represented.

Again, this season many stops had collegiate bowlers and college coaches in the attendance watching or bowling.  USBA Tournament Series had a great partnership with Bowlers Krate and Kegel, and we look forward to having them again next season.

By the Numbers

  • 40 Tournaments
  • Total Bowlers 1243 average of 31 bowlers per center
  • 218 youth boy bowlers
  • 103 youth girl bowlers
  • 151 bowlers that bowled at least 2 times
  • 157 adult bowlers with over $3900 in prize money
  • Flights: 115 youth and 31 adult division
  • 568 Brackets with over $4100 in extra scholarship money
  • Over 10,000 miles covered by Tournament Directors (in a 5 state tournament area)
  • $38,897 in youth scholarships this season
  • Over $80,000 in 3 tournament seasons
  • USBA donated over $2,000 in scholarships and to the Jr Gold qualifier buy-ins
  • 68 kids qualified for Jr Gold through USBA: 57 for Dallas 2018, and 11 for Detroit 2019

Boys: 41 U20, 1 U17, 9 U15, 1 U12
Girls: 15 U20, 1 U15

This season honor awards go out to the following:

  • High Game

Boys:        Garrett LaPlount – 300
Payne Fakler – 300
Brandon Freese – 300
Girls:         Kelsey Jaeger – 276

  • High 6 Game Series

Boys:        Briley Haugh – 1443
Girls:         Karyn Chukel – 1305

  • Most Tournament Wins

Boys:        Cody Larson – 6
Girls:         Destiny Truly – 2

  • Most Valuable Player Sportsmanship Award (voted by the bowlers)

Boys:        Justin Prenot
Girls:         Carlene Beyer

  • Most Outstanding Player of the Year (Susie Tate “Go Get It Kid”) Award

Boys:        Mitchell Hook
Girls:         Rena Bauer

2017-18 USBA Tournament Series All Star Team

  • Northwest MN / North Dakota Region

Boys:                                                                   Girls:
Lucas Hersrud                                                       Lexia Nix
Dylan Galle                                                            Kennedy Middaugh
Christian Litzinger                                                Paige Kort
Nic Heilman                                                          Laura Holston
Tyler Harlow                                                          Sabrina Nicholson

  • Northwest Regional Player of the Year

Boys: Lucas Hersrud
Girls: Kennedy Middaugh

  • Northeast MN Region

Boys:                                                                  Girls:
Jordan Monnens                                                  Rena Bauer
Mitchell Hook                                                       Ariel Engel
Korey Balbach                                                       Destiny Truly
Cooper Tate                                                           Enias White
Cody Larson                                                           Breanna Davids

  • Northeast Regional Player of the Year

Boys: Jordan Monnens
Girls: Ariel Engel

  • Iowa / Illinois Region

Boys:                                                                  Girls:
Tim Wengenack                                                   Baili Girkin
Brennan Haugh                                                    Rena Bauer
Alec Reseland                                                        Savannah Gero
Ethan Teply                                                           Mary Connelly
Payne Fakler                                                         Emily Voight

  • Iowa Regional Player of the Year

Boys: Tim Wengenack
Girls: Baili Girkin

  • SE Minnesota / Wisconsin Region

Boys:                                                                  Girls:
Garrett La Plount                                                 Rena Bauer
Zach Buchholz                                                       Baili Girkin
Aaron Lenzmeier                                                  Morgan Roark
Cody Larson                                                           Carlene Beyer
Drew Dietrich                                                        Ariel Engel

  • SE MN / WI Regional Player of the Year

Boys: Cody Larson
Girls: Carlene Beyer

  • Southern MN Region

Boys:                                                                  Girls:
Garrett La Plount                                                 Ariel Engel
Garrett Anfinson                                                  Rena Bauer
Drew Dietrich                                                        Morgan Roark
Aaron Lenzmeier                                                  Mandy Pelant
Mitchell Hook                                                       Madison Brown

  • Southern Regional Player of the Year

Boys: Garrett LaPlount
Girls: Rena Bauer

USBA Tournament Series would like to thank the numerous volunteers that helped out all season long.  There are so many volunteers to list and we would be afraid we left out someone.  We could have not done it without you. Thank you to all the parents for taking time bringing your kids all around to our tournaments.   We started the USBA Tournament Series with 6 stops in 2016 season. In 2016-17 we jumped to 23 stops in 3 regions.  USBA Tournament Series grew to 40 tournaments in 5 regions for our 2017-18 season. What will we see next season?  You have to stay around and see.  We continue to emphasis that our tournament series is open to all skills levels, with a majority open to all ages adults included (adults depending on lane availability).  We welcome all college coaches to come watch our tournaments. If you are unable to, we do our best to Live Stream our step ladder finals on our Facebook page.  We also have a YouTube channel that we upload videos to (USBA Tournament Series).  We list all our tournaments on our website and on TeamApp.  We will try and do other social media apps next season.  We have other youth tournaments posted on TeamApp as well.  If you have any questions, want to know more about our tournament series, or want your tournament added on TeamApp please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

USBA Tournament Staff

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