USBA Flight Series canceled until fall

The United States Bowling Academy’s board had an emergency meeting on April 21st regarding the Tournament Flight Series.  Due to the recent events of COVID-19 the board made the decision to cancel the reminder of the 2019-20 season.  At the time of the meeting the MN governor had a Stay-At-Home order that was in effect until May 4.  After listening to MN Dept of Health press conference, we did not know when bowling centers would be allowed to open.  And more importantly be able to open to hold large events such as the USBA Flight Series Year-End Tournament on June 6th, 2020.  The board discussed the possibly of postponing the year-end until July, but even then, there was no guarantee that bowling centers would be able to host large groups.  The board wanted to keep bowler and spectator safety the most important part of the decision.

The Flight Series will do a Facebook Live Stream of the year end awards including the Regional All-Star teams, Outstanding Bowler of the Year, and Sportsmanship Award.  The event is scheduled for May 17th at 10 am.  Bowlers can go to the USBA website and vote for their favorite boy and girl bowler for the Sportsmanship Award.

USBA is excited for next season and has started working on next year’s schedule kicking off in September 2020.  There will be some exciting changes with the tournament with the new U20 rules starting in August.  USBA is also still planning to host the Midwest Collegiate Bowling Experience and Expo on December 13, 2020.  Registration for this popular event will begin later this summer.   We are all eagerly awaiting the reopening of our bowling centers so we can get back to the lanes.  We have all been going through bowling withdrawals in the last few weeks.  Please remember to continue supporting your local bowling center and pro shops.

Watch our Facebook page for more information throughout the summer!

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