Training Tools

The home center for the United States Bowling Academy is located in Owatonna, Minnesota at Spare Time Entertainment. The United States Bowling Academy has access to VIP rooms for private classroom settings, TORCH Lane Targeting Light, Boardbox for target detection and class manuals for right-handers, left-handers and two handers.

The TORCH Lane Targeting

The Torch is a simple light targeting tool used to help with accuracy and alignment. Using LED lights, it reflects a path of light on the lane to help you select the correct launch angle and hit your target time after time. As the player moves left and right, the light will change its position showing you exactly where you should throw the ball.

BoardBox Targeting Detector

The BoardBox targeting detector is placed on the gutter cap and is equiped with a sensor that detects the board your ball crosses at the target. The device can be placed at the arrows, breakpoint or any distance the bowler is working on for targets.