Sept 19, 2021 Victory Bowl in Mankato, Minnesota – Flight Series Results

The USBA Flight Series was held at Victory Bowl in Mankato, Minnesota on September 19, 2021. Due to a low turnout, USBA donated $100 towards a blind doubles event.

Flight Results

In the first stepladder match, 3rd seed Sam Meade defeated 2nd seed Mason Wilkes 177-163. In the final match, top seed Cassidy Williams defeated Sam Meade 177-145.

1st – Cassidy Williams $76
2nd – Sam Meade $61
3rd – Mason Wilkes $46
4th- Josh Hanson $33
5th- Kenna Wallace $23
6th- Stuart Weatherstone $11

Blind Doubles

Mason Wilmes & Cassidy Williams $25 each
Breydon Stoffel & Sam Meade $15 each
Sydney Williams & Josh Hanson $10 each

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