The USBA Tournament Series rolled into Riverboat Lanes in Wabasha, Minnesota on October 30, 2016. The tournament had 43 entries and awarded $1,165 in scholarships in 4 different flight categories and another $119 in brackets for a total of $1,284 in scholarships.

The “Flight System” is a new and exciting format that eliminates the need for average divisions or handicaps yet allows all youth ages and skill levels to participate in competitive bowling. All bowlers enter the tournament at the same level and are divided into flights of ten bowlers based on the first four games of qualifying. The final flight will have a minimum of seven bowlers and a maximum of 16 bowlers. All bowlers then bowl an additional two games to fight for positioning to make the top three spots to advance to the stepladder finals within their flight. Each flight is paid on a 40% ratio with the 4th place finisher receiving more in scholarships than the 1st place finisher in the next flight.

Bowlers also receive points based on overall positioning after the six games of qualifying. Boys and girls points are tracked separately and the top bowlers will be awarded scholarships based on total points.

The following scholarships were awarded based on finishing positions within each flight:




Flight 1

1st – Max Roers $235
2nd – Briley Haugh $188
3rd – Carlene Breyer $151
4th – Jacob Dunnum $121

In the first stepladder match, Briley Haugh defeated Carlene Breyer 178-172. In the final match, Max Roers defeated Briley Haugh 204-169.



Flight 2

1st – Miranda Vreeland $97
2nd – Ethan Teply $78
3rd – MaKenna Jaeger $62
4th – Matthew Dunnum $50

In the first stepladder match, Miranda Vreeland defeated MaKenna Jaeger 159-153. In the final match, Miranda Vreeland defeated Ethan Teply 179-173.



Flight 3

1st – Zach Vreeland $40
2nd – Tyler Henze $36
3rd – Jordan Niemeyer $26
4th – Korey Balbach $22

In the first stepladder match, Zach Vreeland defeated Jordan Niemeyer 173-141. In the final match, Zach Vreeland defeated Tyler Henze 136-134



Flight 4

1st – Nolan Callan $18
2nd – Autumn Forrester $15
3rd – Hana Roers $12
4th – Landon Kirchner $9
5th – Adam Henze $9

In the first stepladder match, Autumn Forrester defeated Hana Roers 179-175. In the final match, Nolan Callan defeated Autumn Forrester 165-121.