November 7, 2021 Drkula’s 32 Bowl in Inver Grove, Minnesota – Flight Series Results

The USBA Flight Series was held at Drukula’s 32 Bowl in Inver Grove, Minnesota on November 7, 2021.  The tournament had a total of 33 bowlers. Congratulations to Zach Howe who won the Last Chance Best Ball Shootout for a $20 scholarship. Congratulations to Drake Wait (U15), Cayllum Cronin (U15) and Gage Knutson (U18) for winning Junior Gold spots in Grand Rapids, MI July 15-23 (U12-U18) and July 11-15 (U20).

Flight 1

In the first stepladder match, 2nd seed Gage Knutson defeated 3rd seed Zach Andresen 247-227. In the final match, top seed Tyler Rittenhour defeated Zach Andresen.

1st – Tyler Rittenhour $215
2nd – Zach Andresen $145
3rd – Gage Knutson $108
4th – Cody Adams $86

Flight 2

In the first stepladder match, 2nd seed Alex Pike advanced with a 242 over 3rd seed Riley Zroker. In the final match, top seed Elizabeth Rittenhour defeated Alex Pike 178-171.

1st – Elizabeth Rittenhour $70
2nd – Alex Pike $58
3rd – Riley Zroker $49
4th – Caleb Johnson $43

Flight 3

In the first stepladder match, 3rd seed Timber Stewart defeated 2nd seed Josh Hanson 209-207. In the final match, top seed Athen Hagberg defeated Timber Stewart 185-165.

1st – Athen Hagberg $38
2nd – Timber Stewart $34
3rd – Josh Hanson $31
4th – Katie Bialke $28


Gage Knutson $30
Elizabeth Rittenhour $18
Drake Wait $17
Riley Zroker $12
Cody Reseland $10
Isabel Tetmeyer $10
Alex Mattson $5
Brooke Salzman$5
Cody Adams $4
Tyler Rittenhour $4
Kenna Wallace $4

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