May 6, 2018 Incline Station – USBA Tournament Series Results

The USBA Tournament Series was at Incline Station in Duluth, Minnesota on May 6, 2018 for the first time. The tournament battled up against prom and MN Pepsi/Storm State Tournament.  We had 5 youth entries and awarded $145 in scholarships in 1 different flight categories.  High qualifier for the day was Rena Bauer.  The bowlers battled on a modified TAT oil pattern.

The following scholarships were awarded based on finishing positions within each flight:

Flight 1

1st – Noah Ward $75
2nd – Rena Bauer $50
3rd – Ethan Johnson $20

We changed up the match play in Duluth and took all 5 youth.  In the first stepladder match, #4 Ethan Johnson defeated #5 Teddy Mans 249-180.  In the next match, #4 Ethan Johnson defeated #3 Daytona Shaffer 176-159. In the semi final match #2 Noah Ward defeated #4 Ethan Johnson 186-152.  In the final match, #2 Noah Ward defeated #1 Rena Bauer 217-178.

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