June 3, 2018 Westgate Bowl – USBA Tournament Series Results

The USBA Tournament Series was at Westgate Bowl in Winona, Minnesota on June 3, 2018. The tournament had 13 youth entries and awarded $358 in scholarships in 1 flight category.  High qualifier for the day was Justin Prenot.  Today’s Last Chance Shoot Out winner for $25 was Drew Dietrich.  The bowlers battled on Kegel’s Route 66.

Congratulations to Justin Prenot for winning his Jr Gold spot in Detroit.

The following scholarships were awarded based on finishing positions within each flight:

Flight 1

1st – Korey Balbach $176
2nd – Justin Prenot $86
3rd – Zach Buchholz $41
4th – Nolan Callan $20
5th – Noah Wangen $10

We changed the finals up by taking the top 5 into match play.  In the first stepladder match, Nolan Callan defeated Noah Wangen 245-198.  In the next match, Zach Buchholz defeated Nolan Callan 269-175.  In the semi finals match, Korey Balbach defeated Zach Buchholz 232-172.  In the championship match Korey Balbach defeated Justin Prenot 256-236.

Adult Flight

1st – Hanna Jirsa $30
2nd – Tim Wangen $20

We did best of 3 match play.  In the first match, Hanna Jirsa defeated Tim Wangen 202-193. In the second match, Hanna Jirsa defeated Tim Wangen 236-191 to win the flight.

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