June 24, 2018 Red Ray Lanes – USBA Tournament Series Results

The USBA Tournament Series was at Red Ray Lanes in Grand Forks, North Dakota on June 24, 2018. The tournament had 21 youth entries and awarded $684 in scholarships in 3 different flight categories.  High qualifier for the day was Dylan Galle.  The bowlers battled on one of 2017 Jr Gold 38 foot patten.  Congratulations to Christian SSchreiner who won today’s Last Chance Best Ball Shootout for $20.  Congratulations to Lexia Nix for winning her spot at Jr Gold Detroit.

Grand Forks had 7 bowlers in our adult division with $175 in prize money.

The following scholarships were awarded based on finishing positions within each flight:

Flight 1

1st – Lucas Hersrud $175
2nd – Dylan Galle $120
3rd – Tyler Harlow $80

In the first stepladder match, Lucas Hersrud defeated Tyler Harlow 213-156.  In the final match, Dylan Galle defeated Dylan Galle 172-170.

Flight 2

1st – Brent Pesce $55
2nd – Joey Grabanski $40
3rd – Christian Litzinger $30

In the first stepladder match, Joey Grabanski defeated Christian Litzinger 223-187.  In the final match, Brent Pesce defeated Joey Grabanski 186-159.

Flight 3

1st – Nic Heilman $20
2nd – Laura Holston $15
3rd – Blake Anderson $10

In the first stepladder match, Nic Heilman defeated Blake Anderson 145-143. In the final match, Nic Heilman defeated Laura Holston 184-142.

Flight Open Adult Division 1

1st – Chad Litzinger $80
2nd – Joel Galle $55
3rd – Joshua Kragh $40

In the first stepladder match, Chad Litzinger defeated Joshua Kragh 220-183.  In the final match, Chad Litzinger defeated Joel Galle 197-179.

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