Introduction to Bowling Lines & Angles and Spare Shooting

Introduction to Bowling Lines, Angles & Spares is for skill levels from the beginner bowler to the above average bowler. The focus is on:

Bowlers will learn all about the markings on the lane and how they are used to play lines and angles. Common terminology will be discussed about lanes, lane play and lane conditions.

Each bowler will learn what their personal number is based on their natural walk pattern to the line. The personal number will be used to learn the Formula to Play the Lane. Bowlers will be able to determine a starting spot on the approach and learn base adjustments to adjust to various and changing lane conditions.

Students will have the opportunity to touch the lane and feel how the oil is distributed on the lane. Since oil is difficult to see, this is a great way to gain understanding of how to play the lanes and understand how to make adjustments

Bowlers will learn a mathematical spare system to pick any spare on the lane. Add on teaching will be presented for today’s lane conditions.

Bowlers will work on physical aspects within their game to improve skills and consistency and ensure that the system to play the lane and spare shooting will work.

At the beginning of the class, the coaches will evaluate each bowler and make notes about key areas of focus for each player during the class. Once all the bowlers are charted, these key areas will be explained in detail so the bowlers have a good understanding of what the individual goals are throughout the class.

Class Time: 3 hours

Recommended Courses: Student Training 101 and Student Training 102
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