Bowling Class 102: Improving Bowling Skills 2

Improving Bowling Skills 2 is for all skill levels from the beginner bowler to high skilled bowlers. The focus is on:

Developing Timing
Proper Footwork
Free Pendulum Swing

Improving Bowling Skills 2 class will focus on the Developing Timing . The Secondary Timing Drill, Pushaway Drill, Tempo Steps and Practice Swing and Bowl Drill will be used to develop correct timing and other techniques.

For the new bowler this class will develop the base techniques needed to increase consistency and start to build a strong foundation. By focusing on the techniques taught in this class the new bowler can avoid developing bad habits and some of the common pitfalls that most bowlers develop in the beginning stages. New bowlers will learn to develop a hook ball, develop a straight swing, develop balance and understand what leverage is in bowling.

For the mid-range bowler, this class will expose those areas of the game that need improving and strengthen those areas that are already good. Once the key areas of focus are determined, the bowlers can start to improve these areas by isolating those muscles and techniques within the skill drills. Through this isolation and repetition in the skill drills, the student will quickly start re-program the muscle memory into feelings that will be easier to repeat and more conducive to scoring. The mid-range bowler will quickly see an increase in their bowling average by becoming more consistent.

For the higher skilled player, we will determine some key areas of focus and use the skill drills to add very finite feelings well beyond the base. These players will use the skill drills to isolate these techniques to create a better understanding of timing and how to get it back quickly. A strong emphasis for the skill level will be placed on secondary timing – the moment the bowler goes into the slide and the ball comes forward from the back swing.

At the beginning of the class, the coaches will evaluate each bowler and make notes about key areas of focus for each player during the class. Once all the bowlers are charted, these key areas will be explained in detail so the bowlers have a good understanding of what the individual goals are throughout the class.

Class Time: 3 hours

Recommended Courses: Student Training 101
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