A routine is the process you go through in preparation for completing a task. We all have every day tasks that we do routinely. Many times we go through these tasks without any thought at all. Sports performance relies on routines for consistency and mental preparation.

In bowling, a bowler should focus on the process from the time they go to the ball return through the setup of the stance. This is known as a positive routine or a pre-shot routine. Examples of tasks a bowler goes through in a positive routine are:

Your positive routine is personal. You will need to practice your routine so it becomes a habit. When your routine becomes a habit, it will distract negative thoughts and things that happen around you.

A routine prepares the body to perform in a routine manner. When the body performs in a routine manner, the physical act of performing will become more consistent. Bowling is all about being able to repeat shots or performing consistently with each delivery. When you deliver the ball consistently you are able to make better decisions about changing lane conditions.

Examples of routines in other sports:

As you watch professional athletes, pay attention to the process they go through in their routines. Some routines may be quirky, humorous or even strange.