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Mask are required for all bowlers and all spectators.

Extra scholarship money will be added.


$45 Per Event

You must have current USBA Tournament Series Membership

Membership fee is due the first event you bowl for the season. This is the start of a new season, so all bowlers will need to pay membership fee.  Season runs from Aug 1 – July 31.

Brackets are optional

Jr Gold Qualifier optional

Check in and Start Time

Check in: 9:00 to 9:30 am
Bowling: 10:00 am
Estimated Finish:
Between 3:00 – 4:00 pm

No Averages Required

Open To All Ages

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USBA Tournament Flight Series Year End

May 30th 2021

WOW Zone! – Mankato, MN

You must have at least 2 events to qualify for the year end.

There will be a Year End Awards Ceremony at WOW Zone! following the tournament.  


A Junior Gold Qualifier will be held.

The USBA Tournament Flight Series comes to Prairie Lanes in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The “Flight System” is a format that eliminates the need for average divisions or handicaps yet allows all youth ages and skill levels to participate in competitive bowling.

All bowlers will complete an initial four games to determine the flight positioning. Bowlers will be grouped in flights based on your 4 games total scratch score.   Flights will be no lower than 7 and no more than 16 bowlers.

Once flights are determined all bowlers will bowl an additional two games to determine final positions within the flight. The six game total will determine the final qualifying scores within each flight.  There is no moving up or down in flights once placed.

The top three bowlers in each flight will advance to a stepladder finals based on the six games of qualifying. The third place qualifier will bowl a one game match against the second place qualifier with the winner advancing to bowl a one game match against the tournament leader. Matches will be bowled in a match play format alternating frames. The higher qualifier in each match will have choice of starting lane.

Flights with higher qualifying scores will be guaranteed higher paybacks. The person finishing fourth in the flight above, will receive a higher scholarship than the person finishing first in the flight below.

All scoring is done on a scratch (no handicap) basis.

All scholarship funds shall be returned 100%. All scholarship funds for each event will be deposited in the SMART Fund. Prize ratio shall be at 40% in each flight (fractions .5 and above will be rounded up).

Tournament Cost

The cost of the tournament is $45 and the one time per year membership fee is $20. Each tournament will host a junior gold qualifier.

Collegiate Bowling Experience option for Juniors or Seniors:

Due to COVID, USBA was unable to host our annual Collegiate Bowling Experience in December.  At our year end, we will offer a modified Bowling Experience.  We will be taking video of each bowler on the lanes and doing a short bowling interview with each bowler that is interested.  These videos will be upload to a secure page on our website, and be available to all college coaches.

The cost is $89, which includes tournament entry, and is open to all junior and seniors.  If you have paid for the Collegiate Experience for 2020, we will transfer the payment to this event.   If you have any questions on this, please email info@usbowlingacademy.com

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Event Registration – Manklato, MN

Note this event is at WOW Zone! in Mankato, MN

Note you must have bowled at least least 2 events to qualify.

You will see a  confirmation email once approved.

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