Gregg Haden

Head Coach
Men & Women

Haley Hall

Associate Coach
Men & Women

About Iowa Central Community College Bowling Program

Men’s Varsity • Men’s JV • Women’s Varsity • Women’s JV

Iowa Central Community College has a fantastic bowling program that is popular among students who want to take their skills to the next level. The program consists of both men’s and women’s teams that compete in various tournaments throughout the year.

The teams are coached by experienced and knowledgeable coaches who provide expert guidance and training to help the students improve their skills. Additionally, the program offers scholarships to students who perform exceptionally well, which makes it an attractive option for those looking for financial aid to pursue their passion for bowling.

The program also has top-of-the-line facilities that consist of bowling alleys and equipment that provide an excellent platform for students to practice and improve their game.

Overall, the Iowa Central Community College Bowling Program provides a great opportunity for students to pursue their passion for bowling while also obtaining a quality education.

About Iowa Central Community College

When Iowa Central was founded in 1966, few people ever imagined that this small college in Iowa would one day garner national acclaim and be lauded as one of the top Iowa colleges. Now, with over 100 programs to choose from and an array of student activities, Iowa Central provides an affordable and enriching alternative to four-year universities.