Arc of the Swing

The Arc of the Swing is when the ball comes down from the top of the back swing to the release point and is finished with the follow through. The full arc of the swing is like the shape of a letter U. The key to the Arc of the Swing is to allow gravity […]

Improve Consistency with a Positive Routine

A routine is the process you go through in preparation for completing a task. We all have every day tasks that we do routinely. Many times we go through these tasks without any thought at all. Sports performance relies on routines for consistency and mental preparation. In bowling, a bowler should focus on the process […]

How to Pick Up the 10 Pin and 7 Pin

10 Pin Right-Handers – 7 Pin Left-Handers The 10 Pin for right-handed bowlers and 7 Pin for left-handed bowlers can be the most frustrating pin to leave in bowling. In most cases it appears to be a very good shot that could result in a strike, but stays standing as if to mock you! The […]

Using Tape for Proper Fit

There are many reasons your thumb may change when you bowl. Warmer or cooler temperatures, humidity, physical work and foods we eat can all contribute to these changes. One option to deal with this is to have multiple interchangeable thumb grips and switch the grip based on the current size of your thumb. But what […]