April 7, 2024 Sparetime Entertainment in Owatonna, MN

The USBA Flight Series was held at Sparetime Entertainment in Owatonna, Minnesota on April 7, 2024.  The tournament had a total of 28 bowlers.

Congratulations to Braydn Patin (U18) for winning her Junior Gold spot. Junior Gold will be held in Detroit, Michigan July 12-20, 2024.

Congratulations to Taylor Lietha for winning the “Average Jim Award” for a $100 scholarship. 

Congratulations to Corban Oachs for winning the shootout for a $20 Scholarship.

Below are the results of the step-ladder finals and final payouts.


   Score  Score 
Flight 1Seed 2Wyatt Honecker157 Isaiah Sample203 
 Seed 3Isaiah Sample178    
       Isaiah Sample
 Seed 1Landen Myers192 
   Score  Score 
Flight 2Seed 2Alyssa Hessler159 Jake Nedved151 
 Seed 3Jake Nedved177    
       Hunter Diepenbrock
 Seed 1Hunter Diepenbrock153 
   Score  Score 
Flight 3Seed 2Logan Jennings166 Logan Jennings191 
 Seed 3Nolan Gall151    
       Logan Jennings
 Seed 1Lillian Blaha162 

Congratulations to our scholarship winners:

Bowler Flight Amount
Isaiah Sample 1 $179.00
Landen Myers 1 $106.00
Wyatt Honecker 1 $78.00
Chase Swenson 1 $63.00
Hunter Diepenbrock 2 $53.00
Jake Nedved 2 $47.00
Alyssa Hessler 2 $41.00
Bailey Anderson 2 $38.00
Bowler Flight Amount
Logan Jennings 3 $34.00
Lillian Blaha 3 $32.00
Nolan Gall 3 $29.00

The “Average Jim Award” goes to the bowler that finishes in the middle of the standings. The award is named after Jim O’Reilly from Wabasha for everything he does for bowling over the years. It is a spin off from the “Average Joe” saying. We all think that Jim is definitely not “average”, but that’s how he likes to think of himself! In fact, he is so selfless, he funds this award himself! Thank you Jim O’Reilly for all the “not so average things” you do for bowling!

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