2017 USBA Tournament Series Recap & Awards

2017 USBA Tournament Series year in review

USBA Tournament Honor Awards


2017 USBA Tournament Series MVP’s


2017 USBA Sportsmanship Awards


2017 USBA Tournament Series All Star Team


We had 23 stops in the 2017-18 season.  We had a total of 880 bowlers with an average of 38 bowlers per stop.  There were 180 boys and 69 girls from MN, IA, WI, ND, SD, and WA represented.  Many stops were lucky to have collegiate bowlers and college coaches in the attendance watching if not bowling their self.  USBA Tournament Series paid out $29,314 in scholarships this season all paid into the SMART program.

USBA qualified 44 youth for Jr Gold in Cleveland, and 5 for Dallas in 2018.

This season honor awards go out to the following:

High 6 Game Series                                 High Game

Boys: Cooper Tate – 1363                               Boys: Briley Haugh – 300

Girls: Carlene Beyer – 1274                           Girls: Carlene Beyer – 256


Most Tournament Wins                          Perfect Attendance

Boys: Briley Haugh – 6                                    Garrett Anfinson

Girls: Hannah Middaugh – 2


Most Valuable Player                        Sportsmanship Award (voted by the bowlers)

Boys: Garrett Anfinson                                   Boys; Briley Haugh

Girls: Rena Bauer                                            Girls: Rena Bauer


2017-18 USBA Tournament Series All Star Team

Boys:                                                               Girls:

Garrett Anfinson                                             Rena Bauer

Briley Haugh                                                   Autumn Forrester

Korey Balbach                                                 Carlene Beyer

Riley Anfinson                                                 Mandy Pelant

Aaron Lenzmeier                                            Madison Brown

Caden Reichl

Justin Prenot

JonWalter Rhines

Jacob Dunnum

Ethan Teply


USBA Tournament Series would like to thank the numerous volunteers that helped out all season long.  We could have not done it without you.  Thank you to all the parents for taking time bringing your kids all around to our tournaments.  We would also like to thank SokGuru and Jazzy Ape for their continued support in donating into the youth scholarship fund.  Most importantly thank you to all our bowlers young and old for your support all season, we can’t wait to see you in September.

We started the USBA Tournament Series with 6 stops in 2016-17 season.  This last year we grew to 23 stops in 3 regions.  As the USBA Tournament Series looks forward to next year, we plan to have 43 stops in 5 regions for our 2017-18 season.  Our regions next season will be Southern MN, Southeast MN / West WI, Northwest MN, Northeast MN, and Iowa.  We continue to emphasis that our tournament series is open to all skills levels, with a majority open to all ages (depending on lane availability).  We welcome all college coaches to come watch our tournaments.  If you are unable to, we do our best to Live Stream our step ladder finals on our Facebook page.  We also are launching our YouTube channel so you can find and watch any past videos.

We list all our tournaments on our website www.USBA.rocks and on TeamApp.  We have other youth tournaments posted on TeamApp as well.  If you have any questions, want to know more about our tournament series, or want your tournament added on TeamApp please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

USBA Tournament Staff


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