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Flight Tournament Series

Flight Series Update: The cost of the flight series will increase to $55.00 to cover an increase in lineage and operating expenses. Our bowling centers have suffered financially during the pandemic, and we must support them to continue. This is our first increase since the inception of our Flight Series in January 2016. We appreciate your continued support!

We will also be adding a new Wheel of Fortune Scholarship Jackpot.  This will be a progressive jackpot across all regions that will increase $1 per bowler at each event. The USBA will guarantee the jackpot starts at a minimum of $100. One bowler at each event will be selected by a lane draw. If the bowler knocks down the exact number of pins as the number spun on the wheel, they will win the jackpot!

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graduation capScholarships
through 12/31/2021:


Wheel of Fortune Scholarship Jackpot Balance: $100



The United States Bowling Academy specializes in training bowlers and coaches in the physical game, lane play and the mental game.

Champions Pro Shop

Champions Pro Shop is the affiliate pro shop for the United States Bowling Academy. The Pro Shop is managed by two time Team USA member Briley Haugh.

Training Tools


The United States Bowling Academy has training tools at Spare Time Entertainment including Torch, Boardbox  and access to the VIP room.